Quartz Minerals

We are manufacturer & supplier of Quartz Products for Glass, Ceramics, foundry & other Industries.
We have Quartz Processing Plant at Balasinor, Gujarat

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality products & Services to be preferred supplier to our customer globally. We do this by collaborative & innovative approach to understand & meet Comprehensive Requirement of customers.


To provide specialized Quality Product to meet diverse requirement of customer.


We shall achieve it by relentless pursuits of excellence & Innovation with a track record of accomplishment.

Our Values

We have a commitment to excellence in order to earn loyalty & business in each of our customer.

Our Services


A manufacturer of minerals or another entity active in the global minerals market. It is a minerals company that has risen and arisen as a result of expansion, success, and innovation.


We Supply raw materials to the glass and ceramic industries, Processing facility for China clay and sand.

Quartz processing plants

Our plant is well-organized, with a covered storage facility that is exposed to all weather changes and has damage-security assurances because the product’s quality cannot be compromised.

Why us?

Our Journey

We consistently lay a great emphasis on quality and service in order to guarantee that every customer is entirely happy.

30 Years of Experience

We have 30 years of expertise in the minerals industry and are now among India’s top manufacturers of quartz. 2nd Generation entrepreneurship

Huge Capacities

Our huge production and storage capacities in Balasinor Gujarat speak for themselves.

Quality products

High-grade manufacturing and storage practises meticulously guarantee and maintain the quality of our products.

Customer Satisfaction

The quality of the product and the client’s peace of mind are our ultimate priorities.

Ensuring Your Safety

We produce nonporous, microbial-resistant surfaces that are suitable for use in homes, schools, kitchens for this reason.

Featured Work